English Language Education

English Language


1. Our aims

Given the context of our school, the ultimate goal of our English Language teaching is to help our students in the following ways:

  • broaden their knowledge, understanding and experience of various settings in which English is used;
  • develop their interest and confidence in using English;
  • improve their language competencies so that they have a deeper understanding of the English Language and are able to use English with increasing proficiency for personal and social interaction;
  • prepare themselves for further studies, vocational training or work; and
  • enhance their learning skills, positive values and attitudes to meet the changing needs of our society.


2. Our curriculums

Our students are divided into four different groups at each level according to their English learning abilities. Our school adopts both the mainstream and school-based curriculums based on our school mission and the central curriculum. They share the same themes and aims but with a variation in the depth of the contents.


Assessments are conducted to evaluate students’ learning performance in different aspects every term. Apart from the formative, summative and baseline assessments, we place great emphasis on students’ positive attitudes towards learning.



3. Our activities

Every year, we organize various interactive activities to let our students gain diverse, authentic and practical English learning experiences.


  • Interacting with their peers in the annual two-day excursions co-organized with Hong Kong International School


  • Participating in the Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival


  • Taking part in different fun activities during the English Week


  • Learning English through drama and film appreciation


  • Interviewing tourists to gain practical English-speaking experience


  • Getting closer to the lovely animals at SPCA


  • Stepping out of classrooms to appreciate the beauty of nature


  • Applying workplace communication skills in the cross-curricular activity


  • Enhancing vocational English skills for effective workplace communication in the internationally recognised qualification course